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    I love sharing rich experiences that are deeply good. For this reason I love to cook for others, teach, play violin at church, and paint. For that same reason I have made this site, to share with you the art I have labored on. Welcome! I hope that here you find enlivening stimulation for your eyes, your mind, and your soul. As you scroll through the pages, I hope that you find a work of art that strikes you as deeply good, one that resonates with you. If you suspect one might contribute to shaping your imagination, forming who you are, please consider purchasing it so you can live with the real thing, not just an image of it on a computer screen. Let a deeply good image be a centering device for your life.

    Happy Exploring! 

Photo by Jer Nelsen

Photo by Jer Nelsen

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Spencer’s Orchard 

I love variety…

colors, music, art:
apples are no exception!